We Buy Small- To Medium-Sized Businesses

We focus on established profitable businesses, typically owned by individuals.

Our Focus Typically Includes:


The business should be established and have a long-term history. Ideally the business has 5-10+ years of operating history. We do not acquire start-ups that have no revenue or customers.


The business should be profitable, although it does not have to be optimized for profitability. And the business should generate revenue of $0.5M to $10M+ (will consider smaller & larger).


We prefer to work with individual owners who control the company and make the decisions. Ideally the company is owned by one or a few individual owners versus many owners.

We Focus On U.S.-Based Companies

Our main geographical focus is New England and the North East.
We also consider opportunities across the Eastern U.S. & nationwide.

We Focus On B2B Services, Training & Education, and Other Related Industries

Industries include, but not limited to:

  • HR/Staffing Services 
  • IT Services & Technology 
  • Training & Education
  • Content, Publishing & Information 
  • Marketing & Advertising Services
  • Insurance & Financial Services
  • Commercial Real Estate Services
  • Business & Management Services
  • And more. Plus other areas opportunistically.

We can also be opportunistic and will look at companies outside of our typical criteria. So please reach out to discuss your situation.

Want To Learn More?

It would be great to discuss your objectives and answer any questions.

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