Do You Want To Grow Your Business? Grow Fast With An Add-on Acquisition!

We help business owners dramatically increase profits & wealth – by acquisition.

3 Key Benefits To Our Buyer Services

(#1: We help you increase your profits & build real wealth!)


We help you grow your business by acquisition. We help you dramatically increase your revenue, profits and overall equity valuation – and do it much faster versus internal growth (and often without using any of your money!).


We know how to avoid the expensive pitfalls when acquiring a company, such as overpaying for a business, inheriting certain liabilities unnecessarily, and other key factors. We know how to avoid these costly hidden issues.


We are experts in executing buy-side acquisitions and all its considerations. We keep the process on track so you accomplish your goals. There is both “art” and “science” required, and we are extremely skilled in both areas.

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3 Other Reasons We Can Help You Grow By Acquisition

(#1: We’ve Been Buying Companies Since 1995!)


We have been buying and selling established businesses since 1995.  There is both “art” and “science” in buying a business and we are extremely skilled in both key attributes. We leverage our honed instincts so you can succeed.


The #1 reason acquisitions fail is due to lack of integration after the add-on acquisition closes. We have developed a very successful integration program that you can leverage so you will achieve great success post close.


We have also been buyers ourselves in many capacities (public companies, private equity, investors, etc.). So we have deep operational expertise and understand the strategic, financial and operational factors involved.

Thinking About Selling Instead? Perhaps A 2-Step Buy/Sell Process Makes Sense

If you want to sell, sometimes it makes sense to buy an add-on business first.
You can dramatically increase your final exit valuation. Want to learn more?

Not A Business Owner? We Help Other Buyers Too

We understand your buyer objectives so you can accomplish your goals


Growing your existing business with an add-on acquisition can increase your cash flow and the company’s overall valuation dramatically – and more quickly versus organic growth. Often the acquired company can fund your acquisition too!


Buying a business is a high-return investment that offers greater returns than many other options, such as real estate or the stock market. You can buy one company or build a portfolio of companies that have tremendous synergies.


Buying an established profitable business can be a great way to immediately own your ideal company. You will receive cash flow and can build substantial wealth. And it’s less risky, and requires less capital, than starting a business.

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