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We help people create cash flow, wealth and freedom with business acquisitions.

We Work With 3 Main Buyer Types

We help you achieve success quickly and avoid the costly pitfalls.


Growing your existing business with an add-on acquisition can increase your cash flow and overall valuation dramatically. It can be done much faster vs. organic growth, and often the deal can fund itself and not require capital.


Buying an existing business is a great way to quickly own your ideal company. You receive cash flow and build significant wealth (equity). It’s also less risky and requires less capital than starting a business (sometimes no money down).


Buying a business is a high-return investment that offers greater returns than many other options, such as real estate or the stock market. You can buy one company or build a portfolio of companies that have tremendous synergies.

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We Help You Achieve Your Specific Objectives

We help you achieve your financial, business and personal goals.


We help you achieve your financial goals. You can buy a business that produces a specific amount of cash flow for you – and also enables you to build tremendous equity value so you can achieve your short and long-term financial goals.


We help achieve your business goals. For example, you might want to buy a specific type of business to add to your company. Or you might want to buy a specific business you can run independently or buy as a passive investor. We help you fulfill your strategic vision.


We help you achieve your personal goals. For example, you may want to grow your business so you have a larger team and can work less. Or you may want a bigger impact. Whatever your personal goals are, we help you achieve them.

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