We Help Impact-Driven Business Owners Achieve Financial Success - So They Can Make A Bigger Impact

3 Key Ways We Help Business Owners:


We help impact-driven business owners increase their profits – and their impact. We help find hidden profits; grow profits and wealth; and ultimately increase your impact. 


 We help established business owners grow significantly overnight with bolt-on acquisitions (and no new capital needed). It’s a great way to increase profits, wealth – and impact.


We help you with exit planning so you can sell your business later for top dollar. If you want to sell now, we occasionally buy businesses from owners looking to exit with ease.

Integral Capital – Making An Integral Difference

Our Mission Is To Make An Integral Difference

We are a coaching, advisory and investment firm with a big mission to help impact-driven business owners achieve great success.

We create custom solutions to help business owners are financially empowered to create personal wealth events and achieve their key objectives.

Our goal is to make an integral difference in the lives of business owners and their ecosystems, so we collectively make a big difference (exponential impact).

Our Founder & CEO

Integral Capital, LLC was founded by Jennifer Lee who has over two decades of broad business experience.

Jennifer has helped numerous businesses grow dramatically and achieve significant success. She has a passion for working collaboratively with individual owners of small/medium-sized businesses and helping them succeed. 

Before helping individual owners, Jennifer spent two decades helping large corporations and institutions succeed. She spent many years as an investment banker and corporate advisor working at notable firms such as Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan.

She also held senior strategic positions at publicly-traded companies and in private equity and venture capital. Throughout these various roles, Jennifer helped deliver tremendous corporate success and created significant shareholder value.

Now Jennifer is focused on delivering this same value to individual owners of small/medium-sized businesses. She brings a broad spectrum of experiences, knowledge and contacts that can be leveraged in any situation. And she creates win/win solutions.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. And she is a recovering athlete (with many injuries to confirm it!) and now enjoys jogging, hiking and spin classes.

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