Do You Want More Passive Cash Flow?

Learn how to receive passive cash flow through private business investments.

There are Multiple Ways to Invest In Private Businesses

You Can Leverage 3 Key Strategies:


You can buy a business and hire someone to run the daily operations. You will still need to oversee the operations and team. This option is great if you are willing to be more involved.


If you don’t want to handle all of the activities required to buy/run a business, then investing in a private business is a great option.  Investing as an equity investor can produce stellar returns.


Buying a business is a high-return investment that offers greater returns than other options, such as real estate or the stock market; and diversifies your alternative investments.

You can leverage self-directed IRA/retirement accounts for compelling returns.

Want To Compare Investment Strategies?

Learn How Private Businesses Can Complement Other Investments:


The stock market can provide decent returns. However, it can be very volatile and it carries risk. Private businesses typically generate much higher returns and the risk can be managed.


Investing in real estate can often provide better returns than the stock market. However, there is typically a ceiling or limit on the returns you can generate based on the local market dynamics.


Owning a private business can create great cash flow and offer significant equity upside. Private businesses can generate some of the highest returns possible versus other strategies.

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Interested In Being a Passive Investor?

As a direct investor in a business, you can act like the bank and be a private lender. You can receive compelling returns backed by strong collateral.

It’s also a great way to invest passively and leverage your self-directed IRA/retirement accounts. You can also be a passive equity investor as well.

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